The Medi-Pedi Nail Spa


At The Medi-Pedi Nail Spa we give care to all feet and hands including

diabetics, cancer patients, vascular and geriatric patients.

The Center for Disease Control says that salon-borne diseases and infections are on

the increase due to some salons performing substandard infection control practices.

Due to the high rate of infections, usually fungal and bacterial

infections, with traditional nail services, there seems to be a need for

safe, sterile and new innovative ways of offering pedicures and manicures that

are therapeutic, as well as, aesthetic.

We Practice the Ultimate Level of Safety for our Clients

We understand that those with high risk diseases want the option of a safe pedicure for it's relaxing and aesthetic properties, and we can provide that peace of mind.

The Medi-Pedi Nail Spa pledges to protect you by using the highest level of sterilization and sanitation practices possible.

You can be rest assured that your health and safety is our top priority!

We, at The Medi-Pedi Nail Spa use the ultimate hospital-grade level of sterilization on our implements by utilizing a medical autoclave.  Autoclaves use pressure, steam and high heat to a temperature that kills ALL bacteria, fungi and viruses on implements that can potentially cause infection. This method is the highest level of sterilization available and is effective.

We also perform stringent safety practices in pedicures and other nail services by using single use disposable products such as files buffing blocks and manicure sticks for each client.  Our state of the art Pedicure chairs and spas and are carefully cleaned adhering to the strictest disinfection practices after each and every client.

The Medi-Pedi Nail Spa is also listed on so you can trust that our technicians have your health and safety in mind.

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Located in the offices of Crawford Podiatry


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